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Schedule of Lectures
Schedule of Lectures 2018 – 2019

September 23, 2018
Speaker: Neil Ritchie
Jonas Kaufman
The life and career of this outstanding tenor.  prepare to enjoy some amazing singing from one of today's biggest stars.

October 21, 2018
Speaker: Ingrid Woldenga
Erte: Stage and Opera Designer Extraordinaire
Opera is the complete art form and needs wonderful settings to complement wonderful singing. Learn about one of the best.

November 18, 2018
Speaker: Tom Durrie
The Operas of Carl Maria von Weber
Considered an equal of Beethoven during his lifetime and idolized in after life by Wagner, Weber set new standards for conducting, singing and stretching the boundaries for orchestras and singers. Even today they astonish and move us.

January 20, 2019
Speaker: Kim Gaynor
Vancouver Opera - The Business of Opera
The General Director of the Vancouver Opera will talk to us about the challenges of producing Opera in the crowded music marketplace of our era.

February 24, 2019
Speaker: David Gordon Duke
David Gordon Duke in Conversation With Judith Forst
What better way to spend a February Sunday afternoon than listening in on a conversation between super star Judith Forst and her friend. music educator, composer, and writer, David Duke.

March 17, 2019
Speaker: John Silver
Opera Marriages
Some marriages are successful and others are not. In the world of opera, this is true in plots enacted on stage and also for singers who are/were married to each other. As this is St. Patrick's Day join us to find out who had the luck of the Irish in their Opera marriage.

April 14, 2019
Speaker: Maria Virginia Acuña
Empire and Anti-Spanish Propaganda in Verdi's Don Carlos
Don Carlos depicts Spain as a religiously fanatic and intolerant nation led by a tyrant monarch. Find out why this opera may have been used to reinforce French discourses on cultural imperialism.

May 26, 2019
Speaker: Harvey De Roo
The Strange Case of Turandot
This opera is popular with audiences but divides critics. Decide for yourself at the end of this lecture "if it's a flawed masterpiece or a mawkish failure".

June 9, 2019
Speaker: David Godin
Who's who in Opera? - disguises, aliases and secret identities.
If all is fair in love and war, a little dissemblance is often part of plot. Finish off this season by learning who was deceived, who found out, who won, and who lost. Food for thought over the coming summer break.

All meetings take place at
Simon Fraser University, Vancouver Campus
515 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC

2 to 4 pm

Speakers and topics subject to change